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Welcome to N1 City Medical Chambers

Please bring all medication currently being used to the hospital e.g. blood pressure, heart and diabetic medication. Leave all valuables such as watches and rings at home but if required, bring your personal toiletries.

Medical Aid Patients

You must produce an authorisation number and I or letter of authorisation for the specific surgical I medical procedure before you will be admitted. If a co-payment is required as per your specific medical aid plan, you must pay the co-payment in full upon admission. Payment is per cheque, cash, and credit or debit card.
On receipt of your account, you must please submit same to your medical aid immediately. The person responsible for payment of the account must produce a copy of his I her ID document and the accompanying agreement must be completed in full and signed.

Private Patients

Upon admission, the prescribed deposit will be payable per cheque, cash, credit or debit card. The detail of the person who signs a cheque is required and for this purpose the accompanying agreement Section 1 only - Person responsible for payment - must be completed. The amount of the required deposit can be obtained from the doctor or hospital. The difference between the deposit and the final account must be paid upon discharge. If no account was rendered upon discharge, the account must be settled in full on receipt thereof. If not, legal steps will be taken immediately to recover the outstanding amount.


It sometimes happens that patients arrive for a surgical I medical procedure but the procedure is then cancelled for one or other reason. There is then in the short term absolutely nothing that the Cape Eye Hospital can do in the specific circumstances other than to reschedule patients. In such an event, the Cape Eye Hospital will under no circumstances entertain any claim for travel and I or subsistence costs (or any other expenses). The account of the Cape Eye Hospital will be rendered separately from that of the doctor and anaesthetist and is payable directly to the hospital.